Saturday, January 25, 2014

Áron Jancsó's art

Áron Jancsó, born in Budapest is the author of some very interesting creations. Below you can see some of his topography art. We hope you enjoy and yo appreciate his talent. Please take a look at Áron's world. On his personal website we saw that he is currently working as a freelancer so if you have a job for him the link is below or here.

I'm Áron Jancsó, freelance graphic designer from Hungary. I'm a type addict. Building from scratch is how I like to work, sometimes even designing every single letter of a poster.

 I prefer shapes and sctructures instead of effects. My style is a blend of modernism, street culture and callygraphy, but it is also very experimental, I'm always searching for new ways of creation. My favorite areas are typeface, identity and poster design. 

 I'm available for work. Feel free to contact me with anything on your mind. 

Áron Jancsó's webiste once again right here.

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