Friday, January 31, 2014

Vincentius Matthew's art

Vincentius Matthew a brilliant artist from Indonesia. Although at this time (2014) he is still a student his creations bedazzled us and here he is today for us. Be sure to check out some of his work below. Although Matthew currently does not have an official website you can check him out on here. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe:

Andy Walsh's art

Andy Walsh aka stayinwonderland (deviantArt username and website's name). " I'm Andy Walsh digital artist and author of Stay in Wonderland. This site is both my portfolio and blog where I discuss digital painting tutorials, techniques and general stuff about improving one’s level of success as a digital artist.". Check out the guy's website and comment below:

Cristi Balanescu's art

Cristi Balanescu is a very talented artist from Romania currently settled in Netherlands. His talent of creating and designing pure art convinced us that he needed a place on our website. Take a look below and tell us what do you think by commenting in the comment section below. Thanks, and please support Cristi:

Christian Hecker's art

Christian Hecker aka Tigaer like many others is an artist. Check out some of his art right here below. If you like and you want to see more check out his website, there's a link below or if you want to hire him the same link is useful.  Support him in any way you can because he worth it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dragos Jieanu's art

Dragos Jieanu is a Romanian artist specialized in Film and Animation. His talent and his way of thinking is kinda unique and that's why he is on  our website today. Personal quote: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder". Please take a look at these and take also a look at his website. Don't forget to support  Dragos in any way you can. Thank you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sam Himes's art

Sam Himes aka ChaosFissure is a digital artist specialized in Fractal art  (for those who don't know what is fractal art click the Fractal). One of the best in the field, so let's give him a round of applause for accepting to be on our website today. Sam is very good in this, below you can see some samples. For more check below:

Andrey Pervukhin's art

Andrey Pervukhin is form Russia. He is currently working for InnoGames, famous gaming company. Andrey fascinated us with his works. His talent to create such complex works and amazing landscapes brought him today with us. Some Andrey's art is right here, for more check out the links bottom:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Victor Maiorino's art

Victor Maiorino is another artist from Brasil that continues to fascinate us with his work. He have an amazing talent and that talent combined with a lot of work made him a real genius, the artist what he is today. Victor Maiorino is a genius (in case you missed it)! His place is definitely on our website so be sure to check out these pictures. For more check out his website below:

Victor Maiorino's art

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Áron Jancsó's art

Áron Jancsó, born in Budapest is the author of some very interesting creations. Below you can see some of his topography art. We hope you enjoy and yo appreciate his talent. Please take a look at Áron's world. On his personal website we saw that he is currently working as a freelancer so if you have a job for him the link is below or here.

Jeannette Woitzik's art

Jeannette Woitzik is from Germany. With a lot of talent and a whole lot of work she manages to create fantastic Art Work. Jeannette deserves to be here and we encourage her to keep up the good work and to inspire others. Jeannette Woitzik, good luck and see you next time. You can check out her website, on bottom of page is the link.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Niel Vivalanat Marcelino's art

Niel Vivalanat Marcelino choose to study design because he likes to send messages that will bring a change to the world, inspiring messages, messages of hope. Marcelino successfully accomplished his goal and to reward him today we have a special post just for him. Please take a look at Niel's art right below:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jonas De Ro's art

Jonas De Ro is an young artist from Belgium like he sais: "I'm Jonas De Ro, a Belgian digital artist doing freelance and in-house concept art, design and illustration for film and games." Be sure to hire him if you are looking for a talented worker. Worked for famous companies such as Warner Bross, Nike, 20 Century Fox and a whole lot other. Today is on our website and we wish him a warm welcome.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alberto Russo's art

Alberto Russo is like.. wow! I mean like when I first visited his website  I was astonished. Artists like that are only born once in a while. To show some gratitude some thought to reward him so all the way back in 2011 he won the "Anual Design Awards". Alberto is the ideal artist (there's no such thing as ideal artist, or.. I don't know). And here is his art:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Henning Ludvigsen's art

Henning Ludvigsen spawned at mid summer 1975 in the town of Holmestrand in Norway. At 16 he focused his love of art by enrolling in a traditional art school. Graduating two years later he joined the world of advertising and after only 9 years had reached the position of Art Director in a medium sized advertising agency....  A man that worked hard and got rewarded: Henning Ludvigsen.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Irina Vinnik's art

Irina Vinnik is one of the few artists on our website from Russia, but to be honest, the pictures posted below made me sad. Why? Because while she works so hard we don't even bother to appreciate her gift. Irina is extremely talented and we hope that she  will continue to develop her passion. Her unique designs brought her a special place here and we are thrilled to have Irina with us.

Toni Bratincevic's art

Toni Bratincevic is an artist like other artists. Of course not! If he was just an ordinary artist he wouldn't be on this website. Toni is the Artist. His talent and hard work took him all the way to where he is today. And we are all proud of him, aren't we? May the force be with you and keep up inspiring other with your work. Good luck Toni!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ma Yi's art

Personally I am always fascinated by Chinese culture. I think that they got something different, something special to show to us. Ma Yi is with us today to prove you that I am right. Ma does not have an official website but you probably can get in touch with him on deviantART. As always there's a link below. The style he uses is pretty rare and unique and his place in hall of famous artists is definitely earned.

Kyle Bean's art

Kyle Bean is a special artist and he have some pretty interesting creations. The first time when we had contact with one of his masterpiece we had a revelation and that's why Kyle definitely has earned his right to be on this blog. With such a talent he manages to create things that deserve to be looked at and for that he has my and our respect. Kyle, if you see this, well: keep up the great work!

Andreas Rocha's art

Andreas Rocha is an virtual artist currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. Being a professional user of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, 3D Studio Max and a whole lot more Andreas (he) creates paintings that dazzle us. Take a look and tell us what do you think because we think that with his talent of creating perfect landscapes he really deserves his place in here! For official website you will find a link on the bottom of the page.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mathieu Beaulieu's art

Mathieu Beaulieu is a crazy illustrator and freelancer currently living in Montreal. Mathieu Beaulieu has a passion for drawing. Ever since childhood, he enjoys illustrating crazy charac- ters set in various funny universes. To this day, his passion has been the same. If you're looking for a 2D crazy Illustrator you can hire Mathieiu. The link to his website is below.

Tiago Hoisel's art

Tiago Hoisel is a character designer from San Paulo, Brasil. His talent to create this kind of art brought him here and his  presence among us is a privilege. Take a look at Tiago's art and tell us what you whink! If you like the results you can help him by donating or by hiring him. If you don't like him .. well .. you just don't understand art.

Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez's art

Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez is an artist from Spain. His portfolio really surprised us because we have not seen such great art for a while and when you think that on his Facebook page he has only 400 likes. What is wrong with this world? We must learn to appreciate art, we must learn to live our live and we must understand that life is more than we can understand.  Please support Manuel Rodríguez. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cédric Delsaux's art

Cédric Delsaux was born in 1974. He is French. You can see his full bio hereCédric's main field of expertise is SF or Science Fiction. You can take a look at some creations of him below. We appreciate him and we hope you will do that to. We were very impressed by his press show-ups (over 50 in all the world). Anyway you can check out his website to find out more. Cédric Delsaux has also 2 books 'Dark Lens' and 'Here to stay'.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yvan Feusi's art

Yvan Feusi aka Aiven started his career back in 2004 using Photoshop graduated as a designer and started to work as a freelancer. Unfortunately for Yvan he did not had a big success and today he is working at 'Cominup' . Be sure to check him and his website because he deserves it.

Yvan Feusi's art

Dennis Jones's art

Dennis Jones born in Mountain Grove Missouri Ozarks is here for us. His designs are pretty crazy! Take a look at the few below. We liked them and we think that you will like them to. Please take a look and tell us what you think. Dennis Jones definitely deserves his place among contemporary artists.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Johan Thörnqvist's art

Johan Thörnqvist have an outstanding talent to mix photos with cartoons and the result is art. The first time I saw Johan's art to be honest I was astonished! Because there are still persons that don't give a life on this kind of creations it's up to you to convince them they are wrong. don't you think??

Viktor Hertz's art

Viktor Hertz lives in Uppsala, Sweden and has traveled all the way to be with us today. His art is very inspiring and also motivating. We will show you some pictograph created by him.  If you liked his creations please support Viktor in any way you can. I'm sure he will be glad.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dan LuVisi's art

Dan LuVisi is the today's artist. His talent was first noticed by German Acony Games and after that all came by itself. Dan simply amazed us with his designs and we hope that you agree with us. Please take a look and if you can please support the artist.

Carlos Ortega Elizalde's art

Carlos Ortega Elizalde is a 3D artist and he creates art. Take a look at these pictures and tell us what do you think about Carlos. Is he good? Well we think that he is awesome but you might not agree with us. Anyway we did not find any official website of him but be sure to check out on Google for Carlos Ortega Elizalde. Good Luck!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leos Okita Ng's art

Leos Okita Ng aka Luches is a digital artist from Singapore currently working for "Imaginary Friends". He has no official website but you can check more of his work on deviant art. There's a link below. You can follow him or hire or anything you want but make sure that you support him and his work.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alex Broeckel's art

Alex Broeckel worked for companies that produced movies like Harry Potter and Oliver Twist. You can say that he is almost famous in artist's word. Anyway Alex is today on our website only because of his talent and this gift he have to create art in the true meaning.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nate Hallinan's art

Nate Hallinan is a concept artist, matte painter, and an illustrator. His art made him what he is today: a happy freelancer! Nate loves his job and we like him so today he stands before us with his paintings. His website is right below, and you can even hire him.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Björn Hurri's art

Björn Hurri likes very much robots and guns and robots and Yoda and fat guys oh and a crazy huge terminator monkey. This is today's 'theme'. Björn Hurri is from Sweden for those who did not know. He loves his job .. probably.. and with his creations, today we are going to amaze you! Prepare yourself:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

David Revoy's art

David Revoy is a digital French artist, and with a bunch of programs and a lot of inspiration he manages to create fascinating paintings. We chose not to tell you more about this artist because we want you to find out by yourself. Check out David Revoy's website on the bottom of page and also take a look at these creations:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Steve Mills's art

Steve Mills the prodigy! The images you see below are not pictures! He is a real "knight of the brush" because he manages to create paintings that look very very realistic, and when I say it .. I mean it. No seriously take a look at these. Steve Mills really deserves his place among THE artists. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Michal Lisowski's art

Michal Lisowski, artist from Poland. Please note that he "worked" with: Ubisoft, Disney, NVIDIA, B-win, Mtv, Orlen, Orange, Play, Kinder, Skoda, Carefour, Zywiec, Biedronka, Nescafe, Lotos, PKO, PZU, Aviva, and other famous brands. Today he is here, so be nice with him.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Andreas Preis's art

Andreas Preis simply amazed us with his creations. His outstanding technique of designing digital portraits made us to take the decision to present him today. And overall Andreas Preis truly deserves to be called an artist. A tone of respect from our beloved team. Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ricardo Chucky Minami's art

Ricardo Chucky Minami aka simple Chucky is another graphic designer and illustrator that has traveled all the way from Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brasil to be with us today. So let's give him a little respect and take a look at his art. BTW Happy New Year! That's all for now! His blog is down the page.

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