Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aituar's artwork

Aituar is a self-taught artist. He is from Kazakhstan and he is also a fan of visual arts,  games, movies and graphic arts. Please take a moment to inspire your mind with these wonderful creations brought for you today by the very talented artist Aituar. For more of his art be sure to check out his profile on this link.
Also feel free to check out his portfolio on his personal blog. Help this wonderful artist because he deserves it.

Portrait ART 02
Aituar's artwork

This picture represents a portrait of a female character. The view of her body combined with the blurred effect bring up the beauty and the feminine attraction to a whole new level. For a creation designed and finished in only 50 minutes (as the artist said), I must say that this is outstanding. 

Aituar's artwork

As you probably understood from the title, over here we have another female character from the video game called StarCraft. Another perfectly shaped face that bring up the beauty and the hope. 

Urgent letter
Aituar's artwork

Over here we have a landscape of a city. The atmosphere seems tensed due to the orange and dark colors used. We have in the center a rider that is carrying an urgent letter, probably very important. Some disturbing news are soon to be followed. 

Forgotten Heroes
Aituar's artwork

There are dark times. The technique used in this artwork is really taking you into the scene. The black and white contrast describe very well  the old and the ages that have passed. The winter has come. 

Aituar's artwork

Allow me to remind you again that you can always help this young artist out by hiring him or by sharing this post to inspire your friends. Hope to see you tomorrow and hope to see Aituar and his art soon. 

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