Monday, June 16, 2014

Nisachar's art

Nisachar is a male artist from India. As many other artists from our website he is specialized in digital art and illustrations. Before you check out his profile be sure to see the samples we provided for you below.

Ravan : The Ultimate conqueror
MBX XTRA Draupadi

So, over we have a digital creation. The picture describes Ravan / Ravanan, the antagonist of the Ramayana, a great Hindu epic. It is said that Ravan has 10 heads and two ears in totals. The 10 heads show the knowledge he has of "Six Shastra and Four Vedas". We see him described as a fearless warrior.

The colors used are primarily red and grey used very suggestive to describe the dark force of the Ravan.

Lord Agni
MBX XTRA Draupadi

Lord Agni known as the God of Fire in Vedic Indian culture. It is said that he is a messenger from and to the other gods, and also that he is forever young and immortal. We see him described in red and yellow colors used in very good measure, riding a ram on the top of a mountain, a god in all it's brilliance.

MBX XTRA Draupadi

Nisachar mentioned that this piece of artwork is a concept developed for an unnamed project. First of all we must admit that the perspective used is really interesting. We also have the mysterious beast really good 'shaped'.  The outstanding ground glossy effect is also a thing to mention is this wonderful piece of art.

MBX XTRA Draupadi
MBX XTRA Draupadi

Over here we have a female character in the middle of the illustration. Again we can clearly see the wonderful colored atmosphere inspired from the Indian culture. Like the previous designs we have primarily 2 colors used: blue and red. 

As for the illustration we see 5 torches in the middle levitating, controlled with the power of the mind. The humans are powerful beyond the measure if they manage to control their body and mind.  

MBX Vol 01 07 temple of science retreat
MBX Vol 01 07 temple of science retreat

Another dark surrounding, full of energy and concentration. We have the privilege to see another creature levitating, defying the laws of nature. The shapes used by Nisachar clearly bring up more of the coolness he lives into. His mind is clearly full of inspiration waiting to be painted. 

We dare you dear Nisachar to keep working and keep doing what you do best. Hope we see more of your talented skills soon. Until then stay tuned and do not forget to share this post if you respect his work. 

MBX Vol 02 11 Pandava Conch

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